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Over the last few years, social media has completely changed the internet and the world of marketing. Social media has allowed for us to interact, stay connected, and generate content. Recent reports show that the number of social media users in 2018 is a staggering 3.196 billion, up 13 percent year-on-year.

Online accessibility from users across the globe has grown at an exponential rate, and from business perspective, this is great news for any online marketer. It has never been a better time to utilizing the power of social media to get the most out of your business.

The surge in internet users, coupled with an effective marketing strategy can set you well on your way to social success for your brand.

Social Networking sites

What is a social networking site?

Social networking sites are certainly the most influential social media tools to use as an individual, or for a business. A social media networking site is an online based platform that allows users to create profiles to interact with other users. The likes of Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name only a few, are some of the popular social media networking sites highly used across the globe. Although used in different way, they are essential tools to stay in stay connected with one another, as well as with what is going on in the world around us.


Most popular social media networking site?

A good question, which may in fact be relative to the reason you want may want to use social media. However, according to the latest Pew Research Center survey conducted on social media use in 2018, the majority of adults in the U.S are heavy users of Youtube and Facebook.

% of U.S adults who say they use the following social media sites online or on their cellphone.“Social Media Use in 2018”


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