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  2. Keep your 401(K) & IRA from being an O.U. to the IRS. Few people know that these accounts are tax-infested. We’ll show you how to avoid the heavy, immediate and unnecessary taxes imposed upon you and your loved ones.
  3. Direct your retirement assets into Safe Money Solutions so that they will not fall prey to unexpected downturns in the stock market, while avoiding the historically low Bank CD rates that can cause you to “go broke safely.”
  4. Protect your life savings from the devastation of the “retirement wolf” lurking to destroy the life savings and legacy of 70% of all retirees. That destruction happens when there’s a long term event. We provide Long Term Care (LTC) Solutions that guarantee that every dollar you reposition will benefit you and/or your family whether or not you ever need long term care.
  5. Ensure full Wealth Transfer to the ones you love without its value being evaporated due to interest rates that don’t keep up with inflation, as well as unnecessary taxes.
  6. Our three-step CD Rescue Plan directs our clients on how to Reposition, Leverage & Relax by avoiding the devastation caused by interest rate volatility that too many retirees are experiencing with historically low bank interest rates.

We could tell you that we have been pointing retirees in the right direction for over four decades. Or that one of our Retirement Solutions Specialists consulted on these strategies for a 300,000-member senior association. We could brag that none of our clients’ assets were lost during the two bear market corrections (2001-2002 and 2008-2009). Or the fact that we have protected millions of dollars of our clients’ life savings from the devastating effects of long term care.

Charlton L. Davis


For several decades now, Charlton has had the awesome privilege to help people be secure with their most precious issues regarding their retirement. His first major responsibility began in 1989 when he became the advisor for the 300,000-member ElderMED Association. Today, almost 30 years later, he is still servicing those clients effectively.

Over the years, clients have told Charlton such words of praise as “I can trust virtually anything you recommend” and “I look at you as my financial guiding light.”

Today, Charlton helps fortify his clients’ retirement accounts by Preserving, Protecting and Defending them:

  • Preserves their retirement accounts so that they provide a guaranteed income that they cannot outlive.
  • Protects those accounts from sudden, unexpected downturns in the stock market, and against the volatility of low interest rates offered by banks.
  • Defends them from the heavy, immediate and unnecessary taxation that can rob clients’ heirs of hundreds of thousands of dollars – resources they could otherwise put towards their quality of life.

One of the greatest fears retirees face today is outliving their money. Charlton shows clients how to make sure there’s not too much life at the end of the money. Thankfully, over all his history in the industry, he has never had a client lose one dollar of their retirement savings. They all experience the benefit of having certainty in their retirement future, not probability. In fact, he uses strategies that help clients know exactly what they’ll have to live on for the rest of their lives.

A key component of the advice and strategies Charlton offers is protection against the devastation of costs due to long term care. He just shows clients three simple steps on how to Reposition, Leverage & Relax:

  • Reposition their current assets
  • Leverage those assets using institutional funds to pay those costs
  • Relax knowing that the financial devastation due to these costs will never happen to them or their families

Whether his clients are planning to retire in a few years or have already been retired for several years, Charlton lives by the motto: When you retire, we go to work.

Plan For Your Future

There is no one “best place” to put your retirement money because each individual and couple has unique requirements, different tolerances for risk, and need their money at different times. Likewise, there is no one place to keep your money that fits everyone for exactly the same reasons. Your unique circumstances must be taken into consideration if you seek to find the “most favorable place” for your retirement money. This is where we can be of service.

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